Discover What eHealth Pharmacy
Can Do For You

Empower your nursing home staff by giving them instant access to a licensed pharmacist. From dosage questions to side effect concerns, your staff can quickly get the answers they need, and spend more time caring for patients.

Consultative Solutions For Facilities of All Sizes

From Rural Towns to Metro Areas, Dispensaries to Senior Centers; We strive to be everywhere and in between. The advantages of telepharmacy can greatly benefit any facility where a pharmacist may be needed. If quick, easy, and private access to licensed pharmacists could aid your patients, then eHealth Pharmacy is your answer.


Why hire a Telepharmacy service?

With Telepharmacy services you save the cost of hiring an onsite pharmacist and invest more into other aspects of your business.

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How easy is it to use/access our Telepharmacists?

With the push of the button you hop in line with our pharmacists just as if you were standing in the line at the pharmacy.

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Why would I want to talk to a pharmacist?

Pharmacists are the medication experts; having access to their knowledge when making a medication related decision is a good advantage.

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