Telepharmacy Solutions
For Dispensaries

E Health Pharmacy provides high-value, expert services that help your dispensary stay compliant, while also saving money.  Our kiosks can quickly be setup in a discreet location and gives your customers immediate access to an expert pharmacist.  Our pharmacists can help with all state requirements pertaining to medication information, facts and risks, as well as patient specific recommendations.

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Your Accessible Pharmacist Solution for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

When your customers have questions... We have answers. Our licensed pharmacists can answer questions ranging from dose calculations to treatment plans, and drug interactions to product recommendations.

Medical marijuana is a brand new option for Missouri residents, and we are here to help patients make informed decisions that best fit their needs. By utilizing eHealth Pharmacy's easy to use kiosk in your dispensary, you are empowering your clients with invaluable information that helps them feel confident with product choices and encourages them to consistently use your dispensary for all future cannabis needs.


  •  E Health Pharmacists can calculate total strength based on concentrations of products in order to help patients dose confidently. 
  • We work hard to recommend appropriate doses for patients based on their experience and comfort level.
Telepharmacy Kiosk

Connecting Your Customers to a Pharmacist
is as easy as 1, 2, 3...


Patients Initiate A Consultation at Our Provided Kiosk

With just the tap of screen, patients can request a secure, private consultation with one of our licensed pharmacists. eHealth Pharmacy provides all required hardware and software to get your telepharmacy kiosk up and running at your dispensary as quickly as possible.


The Patient is Connected with A Licensed Pharmacist

We provide a dedicated one-on-one session with each patient. Our pharmacists have the knowledge and experience to confidently answer any questions related to medical marijuana, cannabis treatment, dose calculations, and more.


A Private, HIPAA Compliant, Consultation is Conducted

Stay compliant and free up your own time for more immediate tasks. eHealth Pharmacy allows dispensaries to offer much needed pharmaceutical consultations at a fraction of the cost of hiring an on site pharmacists.