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By partnering with eHealth Pharmacy, your organization can quickly access the knowledge and resources from our expert pharmacists and staff..

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Solutions For
Healthcare Providers

We work with hospitals and facilities of all sizes to offer patients immediate access to licensed pharmacists. This allows your facility to save money on staffing costs and focus on patient care. Facilities currently benefiting from telepharmacy services include:

  • Nursing Homes
  • Senior Centers
  • Physician's Offices
  • And More

Patients Initiate A Consultation at Our Provided Kiosk

With just the tap of screen, patients can request a secure, private consultation with one of our licensed pharmacists. eHealth Pharmacy provides all required hardware and software to get your telepharmacy kiosk up and running as quickly as possible.


The Patient is Connected with A Licensed Pharmacist

We provide a dedicated one-on-one session with each patient. Our pharmacists have the knowledge and experience to confidently answer your patient's questions and address any concerns.


A Private, HIPAA Compliant, Consultation is Conducted

Give your patients direct access to a licensed pharmacist and free up your own time for more immediate tasks. eHealth Pharmacy allows physicians, nursing homes, and dispensaries to offer much needed pharmaceutical consultations at a fraction of the cost of hiring additional pharmacists.

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